Daily NAVs
Dow Jones Industrials Average 20,704.91 11.37% -27.45%
S&P 500 Index 2,447.33 9.38% -24.25%
NASDAQ Composite 7,417.86 8.12% -17.33%

As of 3/30/2020
Income and Equity Fund A PADIX Current Income & Capital Appreciation $8.65 ($0.35) $9.08 $9.00
C PIECX $8.03 ($0.34) $8.03 $8.37
Balanced Fund A PAABX Capital Appreciation & Current Income $7.25 ($0.33) $7.69 $7.58
C PGBCX $6.02 ($0.33) $6.02 $6.35
Large Cap Value Fund A PAGTX Capital Appreciation $1.24 ($8.45) $1.32 $9.69
C PGCCX ($1.25) ($8.45) ($1.25) $7.20
Mid Cap Value Fund A PAMVX Capital Appreciation $4.34 ($0.01) $4.60 $4.35
C PMVCX $3.44 ($0.01) $3.44 $3.45
Small Cap Value Fund A PASMX Capital Appreciation $8.72 ($0.20) $9.25 $8.92
C PGSCX $4.77 ($0.11) $4.77 $4.88
I PGISX $12.80 ($0.29) $12.80 $13.09
Prices are subject to revision. The net asset values shown are based in part on prices reported for individual portfolio securities. While the prices are based on sources believed to be reliable, we are not responsible for adjustments in Fund net asset values that may be necessary due to price changes on underlying securities or other factors.

1Does not reflect sales charge.
2Maximum Offering Price reflects highest sales load applicable to Class A shares. Class C shares and Class I shares are not subject to a front-end sales charges, but are subject to a Rule 12b-1 fee. Purchases of $1 million or more in Class A shares are subject to a contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC) if you sell your shares within one year of purchase and Class C shares are subject to a CDSC if you sell your shares within one year of purchase. The CDSC will be 1% of the purchase or sale price, whichever is less. Shares are offered by each Fund at their next determined net asset value, subject to any applicable sales charge. The sales load on Class A shares, Rule 12b-1 fees, and the CDSC on Class C shares are shown under "Understanding Expenses" on pages 16-18 of the Prospectus.
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